Frequently Asked Questions

How much cleaner is a portable restroom that is cleaned and disinfected with Biffs Pathfinders ORIGINAL Disinfecting System vs. the industry’s current service procedures?

When used as directed, the disinfectant’s results were verified by an independent laboratory. We secured the services of a national testing laboratory, Silliker Labs, to measure the difference. This is what we discovered.

  • Reduction in bacteria by 56% over traditional summer cleaning methods
  • Reduction in mold by 132% over traditional summer cleaning methods
    • Lab results for traditional cleaning increased mold by 84% from brush transferring mold from one surface to another
  • Kills bacteria that causes odor
  • Kills mold and inhibits mold from growing

Will my customers notice a difference from using the ORIGINAL Disinfecting System vs. our traditional service procedure?

The first two or three services with the disinfectant you need to thoroughly scrub the units down to eliminate mold, mildew, heavy dust, mud, graffiti, etc. this effort will pave the way for quicker and easier servicing for the technician in the future.

How do we sell the benefits to our customers?

Prepare a flyer that compares the traditional method of cleaning portable restrooms to the Original Disinfecting System. We will provide sample flyers on request. This flyer can be used as a hand out in the field, an insert in your billing, and an attachment to written quotations and finally you can add this to your web site.

Does using the ORIGINAL Disinfecting System save cleaning time?

After the initial learning process is over and the service technician is into a routine it will actually take less time to clean the restroom than traditional methods. Service provided with our ORIGINAL Disinfecting System dries spot and streak free without wiping.

How do we train our service techs to use the system?

Included with each system is a recommended disinfecting service procedure for use as a training guide.

How can we use the disinfecting service procedure if we experience freezing temperatures during the winter?

We have a very economical system that can be used in the winter months. See FAQ 14 & 15 below for details.

Will salt or methanol change the disinfecting process?

The disinfectants effectiveness will not be affected.

Who manufactures the disinfectant?

Ecolab is our exclusive supplier of disinfecting products. Ecolab is the global leader in cleaning and infection control products. www.Ecolab.com

How can I place an order?

Contact Biffs Pathfinders, LLC. All orders for the Disinfecting System and the disinfectant must be placed with Biffs Pathfinders, LLC. For current pricing on systems, parts and disinfectant supplies call 1-800-642-3246.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards, including: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

What is the typical return on investment (ROI)?

Click this link for detailed example:  PDF Disinfecting Driver Labor Savings Chart 2013

How do we disinfect in the winter months if we experience freezing temperatures, below 32°F for extended periods of time?

Since we are located in Minnesota, we have had the opportunity to test a number of options. We have settled on the most effective and economical means of disinfecting a portable restroom in the winter. Our winter system is a partial disinfecting procedure that focuses on the touch points and the inside of the tank. It is not intended to replace the Original System that provides a total disinfecting treatment at each service.