DISINFECTANT – The ORIGINAL Biff’s Portable Restroom Disinfecting System

Biffs Pathfinders has introduced a new and revolutionary disinfecting system to service portable restrooms.

This is not just a “wash down” using a deodorizer like all the others. This is a safe hospital grade disinfectant that actually destroys bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms.

“I am struggling to find any negatives. I don’t believe you can go wrong using this product!”
Tim Scarbrough, Service Tech for Biffs, Inc.
2001 PSAI International Service Tech Award Winner

Click here to see a video demonstration of the system.

We hired an international independent lab to perform tests on traditionally cleaned portable restrooms and restrooms cleaned with Biffs Pathfinders ORIGINAL Disinfectant System.

    Lab Results:

  • Reduction in bacteria by 56% over traditional cleaning methods
  • Reduction in mold by 132% over traditional cleaning methods (Lab results for traditional cleaning increased mold by 84% from brush transferring mold from one surface to another)
  • Kills bacteria that causes odor
  • Kills mold and inhibits mold from growing

Field Test Results:

  • Field tests were performed by a service technician with over 30 years of service experience in the field.
  • Service Technicians, Quality Assurance Managers, and end user CUSTOMERS felt restrooms were cleaner…and they were!
  • Walls and tank appear to have a shine to them.
  • Between services the smell is now neutral.
  • Customers have commented as to why other restroom companies don’t do this.

Complete automated disinfection of unit resulting in…

    a reduction of Service Staff Effort, little or no scrubbing

  • Cleaning Time
  • Number of Steps (With Better Results)
  • Exposure to Injuries
    a reduction of Resources and Chemicals

  • Urinal Cleaner
  • Graffiti Remover
  • Towels
    a reduction of overall

  • Odor
  • Germs
  • Dust Build-up
  • Graffiti


  • Operator Endorsed
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Consistent Cleaning Results
  • End User Customer Satisfaction
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Cost Effective – Saves Time and Money
  • No Residue
  • Graffiti Resistant
  • Disinfects Areas a Brush Cannot Reach
  • Safety- Reduces Technician Wear & Tear by Minimizing Repetitive Labor
  • Simplifies the Job